Monday, February 11, 2013

The Path Homeward

Whither home 
for those who lost their mother!

No, they don't have any.


they find home everywhere -

boondocks, desolate shopfronts,

rail stations, awnings for Satyagraha,
where orphans watched over,
songs for refugees,
dip in the ocean at Kanyakumari,
sacrifices for ancestors at Gaya, and
along the solitary trails in Himavan.

Why so many journeys?

"Journeys are all there is - Journeys are experiences that rejuvenate the cycles of birth and impart an ego-less state of mind. The culture of journey is entwined with our countless torments and meditations...I travel a lot in personal life.  Travels through many walks of life is part of me. Long journeys are but an extension of the same. Your travels to wilderness count just the same as those that you make to a clinic or an orphanage. In reality the journey inwards are many many miles more than one ever does in external world. That is what a writer supposed to do. In a way we can define writing as an act of travel towards the star of his birth. This is not turning back of any sort. But a journey to the future."

In memory of beloved poet Vinayachandran Mash.

Translated from Poet D.Vinayachandran's Veettilekkulla Vazhi and an excerpt from an interview.

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Sreekumar said...


Really touching....A great tribute...

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