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A beautiful confusion

There are a few artistes who have this uncanny ability to disarm you of your ever conscious egotistic self. You are instantly drawn right into the whirlpool of their craft while you are not given anytime to conjure up your defenses, intellectual or visceral.

The absurdist and obscurantist among modernist writers though sincere in their efforts, used their craft to communicate their primarily reductionist and nihilist philosophies, albeit with world wars in the background. They managed to drive away vast sections of readers. That was when a few post modern writers and artists unveiled a middle stage where they sought to push the contexts of art to the backdrop and engaged the reader directly.

The result has been a delightful entrĂ©e of literature and art bringing in the full force of physical, philosophical and life sciences to the table. Anything that a symbol, alphabet or word can construct are adapted to create a context for the dialogue between the writer (artist) and the reader (view…

Kochi Chronicles

N.S. Madhavan had been away from his habitat. He did not write or publish anything for the longest time ever since he won a major literary award for up and coming writers. Then one day he half-heartedly sent a short story from his IAS hideout in Patna with a stamped envelope to M.T.Vasudevan Nair tantalizingly titled Higuita. The rousing reception of this story was legendary. Higuita was the measured metaphor for Father Geevarghese who in order to save Lucy faced the pimp bully Jabbar. He re-enacted the karma of an erstwhile sevens soccer player when he landed goals with an uncanny array of scorpion kicks on Jabber's bleeding snout to the thunderous applause from gallery. Fr. Varghese emulated the famed Colombian soccer player Rene Higuita who broke all conventional coordinates of his position with flair and take the attack to the opponent to etch a spectacular moment in time while bordering on absurd risks.

Readers too woke up to the unprecedented sensibility that Madhavan unleash…