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Mubarak in his Labyrinth

Egypt is uneasily waiting for her moment in history. The faceless crowd thronging the squares cannot have what they wanted - not yet. The fear of reprisal is at the back of everyone’s mind, that nobody knows the price of freedom for now. Mubarak is holding out, chiding his stubborn subjects to go home and resume their lives, sending policemen in plainclothes and reminding them of evil designs of the west, all the while reminding foreign diplomats of the Islamic terror waiting to pounce at the slightest pretext. Military who has a lot to lose in the bargain is waiting in the middle for the endgame to begin.
A few days in Cairo broke age old stereotypes of irrational Arab rage boys and the West’s criminal excuses to legitimize dictators of choice. The few Islamic bogeymen from these unjust lands were enough for American governments of both varieties to scare its citizens to look away from the misery of the people who had oppression written in their DNA. Perhaps for the first time the wo…