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A baby girl it is

I never had a baby sister. Never did I have a cousin younger to me and in the proximity of my life. I would probably never know what it would be like. However I know how much fun it could be if you have a sibling. I count my brother as one of my best friends and I figured you could be the best friend even if you share none of his interests or passion when you grow up together. Growing alone could probably beckon you to unknown charters of life. But I would give it a pass now.

Because today my wife has delivered a baby girl and she is going to be the baby sister of my two and a half year old son. He was making faces and singing his own version of twinkle twinkle when I drove him to the hospital. Though we were lost in the labyrinthine alleys of this huge hospital complex, he did not like to be carried in my arms. Did he sense that he is a big boy now? He did not pester his tired mother today.

He might go into bouts of sibling jealousy and learn to share the hard way. But its an experience that he is going to cherish and love. I watched him calling her baby and planting a kiss on her forehead.

She is beautiful. Her face is serene. She doesn't seem to mind the howling wind outside, that has been out there since morning. I don't know how worthy would I be as a father and what future holds in store for her. I remember Yeat's great gloom; I remember John Mayer's song for Daughters; I remember Johnny Cash and his daughter's song "September when it comes" and I imagine countless post cards, handwritten.

I wish her all the best to live her life to the fullest in this world at her own terms.


tocsin said…
Congratulations :)))
India Whining said…
More the merrier buddy !!

Congrats on being blessed with a Baby Gurl..
Scarlett_OHara said…
Congratulations! You have been blessed in a very special way:-)
FunnyCide said…
Wow!! Thats sweet. Congratulations!! One more baby girl!! I think it is blog-about-baby-girl's day! :)

It must be quite a hectic time over there. I think we are honored that you took the time to blog about it and let all of us know.

Treasure every moment. Girls are the best ;)
Congratulations Rajesh! That was a lovely blog...:) What have you named her?

When she grows up, you can show her these blogs, to say what you felt upon her arrival..;-)

Btw, are you new to DSS? havent seen you before!:) Welcome aboard...
bleu said…
Ananth P said…
congratulations !! somehow in DSS there are more baby girls than boyz !
You want DSSers to suggest a name ?! Ah in US they decide the name before itself right?
Silent Melody said…
Rajesh, WOW!! Congrats and thanks for sharing this.
buckwaasur said…
congrats dude...:-))
Rajesh said…
It's been an overwhelming day. Thanks for all your wishes and thoughts.

ananth, I would have liked DSSers to suggest a name. But I think I will go with Meenakshi. The name just stuck with us for sometime :)

Once again a big thanks to you all.

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